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Micro Weddings.

Connection. Nature. Music. 

You don’t want all the big wedding stuff.  What you want is connection with each other. And a celebration of your love story. 

The reason why doesn’t matter.  We get it. 

We give couples permission to focus on each other and marry in nature, with beautiful photography and live music. 5 people is all you need to create a truly magical experience and officiate a union.  


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you

made them feel – Maya Angelou.

We are a band of merry eco-warriors who collectively create weddings together.
We do Elopements in Nature with Music.

Music has a way of touching us in ways we cannot always describe.  Our favorite song starts to play and we crank the volume, moving in time to the beat.  The music of nature is equally as inspiring.  It has a universal calming effect.  Put it all together and the atmosphere makes itself. 

Marriage Celebrant

Katie is a Life Celebrant who delights in everyday real-life stories. Her background in Theatre as a Writer/Director means she can help create a beautiful ceremony that celebrates your story and deliver it effortlessly. Her aim in life is to live as eco-friendly as she can – a journey that is forever evolving. Her Husband has often wondered if she has shares in Opp Shops, such is her love of opp-shop-hopping. This can be seen in her work, with her focus on the beauty of nature providing the scenery which allows the couple to truly hold the focus. She is an ambassador for eco-ethical weddings She has a love of creating story with original music and is always looking for ways to enable this collaboration.


Kylie is the photographer from Kylie Knight Photography based in Melbourne, Victoria. She likes to specialise in photographing weddings that are Eco friendly. She helps couples with planning their wedding by suggesting options that don’t create too much impact on our environment. Most of her couples are mindful of this and love Kylie’s candid and fun style in how she approaches and photographs their wedding. Kylie is also Vegan and really cares about animal welfare in our society.



Nat is the owner of The Graceful Bloom, a floral studio in Warrandyte, Victoria. Celebrating the natural beauty of flowers- Nat sources locally grown flowers, and uses reusable, recyclable, upcycled or natural products in her floral design.  Flower arrangements are, in Nat’s eyes, more beautiful when they don’t impact our natural environment in a negative way.
The floristry industry has a history of using materials that aren’t great for the environment.

Flowers flown from the other side of the world, floral foam that doesn’t break down, synthetic ribbons and wrapping paper, single use plastics and more.  Nat’s clients share her values and often comment on how much they appreciate knowing that their special event or arrangement has not only contributed to a small business, but has done so in a way that didn’t cost the earth.
Nat believes that following these principles can make a difference and influence the wider floral community to embrace sustainable practices.  From bouquets to hanging installations, or a flower crown workshop- The Graceful Bloom creates personal designs to suit your style and budget.

Cruelty-free hair & makeup artist

Inèz is a cruelty-free hair & makeup artist (99% of the products in her kit are vegan as well). She is very passionate about making her clients look and feel beautiful and at their very best. She’ll listen to what they want and work with them to create the look that enhances their natural features and conceals their insecurities. 
Not only is she passionate about animal welfare, she also tries to run her business (and her life) as sustainable as possible, for example by using less disposables (towels instead of tissues, brushes instead of one-use disposable applicators) and more sustainable disposables (e.g. cotton tips without plastic, bamboo or recycled tissues, wipes from organic brands). All the products in her kit are carefully considered and tested.
Also in her private life she tries to live with the earth in mind, for example by buying in bulk, using less plastic, creating less waste, buying secondhand, using a sustainable bank and energy provider.



Gosha is a Musician and Radio DJ.  She has trained as an actor and Jazz musician and has extensive experience in the world of Radio.  Her first love is music and she is highly skilled at creating beautiful moments with her soothing voice.  Gosha follows her impulses and adjusts her performance effortlessly to move with the situation as it unfolds before her.  Her go-to instrument to accompany her voice is the Uke, portable, compact and adaptable.
Gosha places great importance on living her life as ethically as she can, with a focus on recycling all her items in her home before they hit the recycle bin.  She has mastered the art of present wrapping with old clothing.

Marriage Celebrant


Megan is a storyteller and a passionate wordsmith. She’s crazy about proteas and loves bold bright prints, but nothing makes her happier than creating meaningful ceremonies for lovers. Megan works with you to create a ceremony that is all heart and laughs.

Megan believes that you, your story and your love for one another should be the focus of your wedding. She will work with you to create a ceremony that is warm, personal and really captures all that you love about one another.

Megan is on a mission to tread as lightly on the earth as she can. She now offsets all her car use with a subscription to Green Fleet, a great not for profit that plants forests for tomorrow.

When she’s not hitching in the great outdoors, you can find her reading, growing rhubarb and spending time with her little boy outdoors, trying to see the world the way he does.


It all starts with a proposal…

The start is the same for all couples.  With Green Elopements it is 1 Celebrant and 1 Photographer…   The rest you build yourself.  Read on for more information!



You are required to pay a non-refundable booking fee to secure your preferred date. All vendors will then be secured and will start planning your elopement. The Celebrant will take you through the steps required to legally marry including all the paperwork. Each vendor will then do their bit to create your wedding and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride! COVID-19 update: all correspondence leading up to the elopement will be conducted virtually.


Give us a call or drop us an email. We will look at what you want, check your date and lock it in. It’s that simple.


To legally marry in Australia, the following requirements must be met – COVID-19 style:

1. Both parties must be over 18 years of age.  If one person is under the age of 18, marriage is still possible by parental consent as per section 12 of the Marriage Act.  If this applies to you, I can assist with further information and support on this process.

2.  The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) must be completed, signed, witnessed by an authorized person and lodged with Green Elopements at least one calendar month prior to your Wedding ceremony.  You will require your original birth certificates and/or passports and photo I.D  to do this. If applicable, you will require your original Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate.

Please note: the earliest you can submit a NOIM is 18 months before your proposed wedding date.

* If parties born overseas do not have a passport and are unable to obtain a full birth certificate, I can prepare a statutory declaration for your execution.

* Foreign language documents must be translated into English and a NAATI accredited Translation Certificate supplied.

3.  In addition to the NOIM, both parties must sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediments to Marriage (DONLIM).  This document reiterates the NOIM (and states) that the couple are 18 years or more, not married to anyone else and that there is no legal reason why they should not be married.

After the ceremony, there are 3 documents for the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant to sign.

a. Certificate of Marriage (forwarded to Birth, Death and Marriages (BDM) after solemnisation)
b. Marriage Certificate Register (kept by the Celebrant)
c. Commemorative Marriage Certificate (the pretty one which you keep!)

Please note:  The ceremony must be witnessed by an additional two people alongside myself who are of sound mind and over the age of eighteen years.  They must also provide their full and proper names as recorded on their Birth Certificates.

4. The Marriage Act 1961 requires that certain statements are included in your ceremony. These are:

  • The celebrant must introduce themselves at the beginning of the ceremony

  • I must say the Monitum before the exchange of vows – word for word.

  • And the couple must say: ‘I ask everyone here to witness that I, ABC, take you, XYZ, to be my wedded wife/husband/spouse’.

Additional information:

Interstate couples

If you are planning to marry interstate, you can lodge your completed and signed/witnessed  Notice of Intended Marriage with your celebrant via email or post. It is acceptable for a celebrant to witness I.D via a video conference call, however, I also advise that you bring your I.D documents with you to the wedding so I can view them before we begin to ensure we have 100% met all the legal requirements.

If one of the couple lives overseas and is waiting on an Immigration Visa

It is possible for one party to the marriage to complete, sign and lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage with a celebrant. This must be signed, witnessed and I.D. produced before the wedding is solemnised.

The Celebrant can then provide a letter to the embassy of the country where the overseas person resides which states they have accepted to solemnise the marriage between the couple and I have lodged the NOIM.

Information for persons living overseas who wish to be married in Australia 

As a couple marrying in Australia you will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) within the period between of 18 months and 1 calendar month prior to the wedding. It must still be witnessed in person before it can be lodged. In the case where the Celebrant is in another country,  there are other categories of persons authorised under the Marriage Act to witness a NOIM, which are stated on the Attorney General’s website. section 4.9.2 Who may witness a NOIM signed outside Australia?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, it will not be a professionally recorded or edited product as this is not something that we currently have the capacity to offer.
Short answer, yes we can try. Long answer, yes we can try. Depending on the location, this may not work as we battle reception and bandwidth. However, we will always endeavor to do what we can when we can.


You will notice that Green Elopements do not have a social media presence.  We respect our couples who marry in this intimate way may not wish to showcase their marriage.  Of course, we love it when they do! You can see what we all do in our individual roles – head back to About Us and click through to our individual websites to learn more about each individual.